South African Coastline Hike – Update 1

Howdy y’all…

I’ve been working endlessly to sort out all the logistics regarding this epic journey around the South African Coastline, not to mention getting all the needed gear — while I’m still shopping around for a few items, I’m confident that I’ll have it all sorted in the next two weeks or so.

The logistics on the other hand have not been as easy. I have to plan the entire hike from scratch, as there is no information on route or water sources available online. Even finding affordable accommodation, for those much needed zeros, is proving to be a challenge.

The approximate distance of the entire hike (excluding side trails and resupply) will be 3500 km (2175 miles) with resupply along the coastal towns. Initially water will be scare in the semi-arid desert, as there are literally no fresh water sources occurring naturally with exception to the a few rivers that offer brackish water of varying salinity. On average the distance between towns on the Diamond Coast (West Coast) is roughly between 60 km (37 miles) and 90 km (56 miles). I plan to carry 12 liters of water with an additional 2 liters for emergencies — bringing water weight to a hefty 14 kg (30.87 lbs).

While some may think it’s an excessive amount of water, let me just give you my reasoning. I don’t plan to do intense distances when starting. I’ll gradually increase my daily distance to ensure my body has time to adjust to the climate and the trail. The African sun is known to be harsh and becoming dehydrated in a sparsely populated section of the country, that has no naturally occurring fresh water sources, is not my idea of fun.

Once I passed through the semi-arid desert I’ll cross over into a more densely populated coastline, making the distance between the town’s considerably shorter, resupply options more varied and fresh water more readily accessible — super excited about that!

Accommodation will be my tent next to the ocean most of the time, but I will splurge occasionally when in certain towns for a resupply and have myself a zero in luxury accommodation (and by luxury I mean a bed and shower with warm water).

While I’m sure y’all have hundreds of questions about the hike, I will try to answer most of them during planned Q&A’s on the trail. So stay tuned and explore the South African Coastline in all its pristine beauty with me as I embark on this epic journey.


For those of you interest in following my journey, around the South African Coastline; you can follow me via the following channels:




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  1. Todd McCullough says:

    Check out Darwinonthetrail on youtube and look at his desert gear list for the PCT.

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