South African Coastline Hike – Introduction

I’ve decided to hike the entire South African coastline from the Namibian border to the Mozambican border. While some may think I’ve lost my mind, I personally feel that this endeavor sets a challenge I can’t pass up, and that it will be life changing at the very least.

It will provide me the opportunity to explore untouched beaches and surrounds, to appreciate firsthand the scenic views of this beautiful country most never get to see, and which some only dream of. Hopefully I will be able to use this adventure to raise some awareness of the peril in which the wildlife, marine life and the vast collection of flora find  themselves.

The challenging part will be the physical: the opportunity to test my physical, mental and emotional endurance as I venture out on this path of discovery! I’ll be exposed to different climates such as Arid, Mediterranean and Sub-tropical. Landscapes such as desert, wet lands and forests, and also various cultures as I walk the coastline and surrounding lands in all their pristine beauty and diversity!

Throughout this entire trek I’ll be uploading content to my blog as well as to my Youtube channel so that you can experience the ups and downs of my journey with me. Furthermore, I’ll be tracking my path as I go, so that maybe one day another adventurous hiker will be able to follow in my footsteps. Here’s to hoping!

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  1. Christopher Wright says:

    Some sections are very dangerous lots of crime how are you going to deal with that?

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