Welcome to my virtual home!

Hiking is a very much loved part of my life that keeps me sane, healthy and happy to say the least!

Many of my friends, colleagues and family have wondered what it’s like to be out in nature with a backpack for days on end – so I decided to start this project to document my journeys. Hoping that whomever is taking a moment to look at my website will be able to walk the path with me.

Here you’ll find the records of the places I’ve hiked, pictures of what I seen, some general advice on matters related to hiking and reviews on the gear I’ve used.

All trail entries have accompanying GPX files available for download should you wish to follow in my footsteps on a adventure of your own. Furthermore, all my trails are uploaded to an international hiking project so they are available worldwide and not merely for locals.

Links to my social media accounts are located in the top left corner, as well as the footer of this website.

Keep walking 🙂


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