A short drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria you’ll find the Hennops river. There are numerous hiking trails around the river; one of the most popular trails is the Krokodilberg Route. A lovely 10km trail that’ll leave you wanting more!

The trail started on a short stretch of 4×4 track that ran alongside the river, before veering onto a single track. The sound of water babbling , shade from the canopy of trees and constant chirping of the birds made this such a lovely way to start the route. Soon I was crossing the river via a handing bridge – giving me the chance to see beautifully water carved rock.

That’s where the gradual climb began, but do not mistake gradual for anything less than taxing! I was hiking on a well maintained path, that could be treacherous at times. The thousands of tiny stones easily shifted under my weight and almost caused injury in the process – so stay aware of where you put your feet every step of the way – even if it’s difficult to keep your eyes on the trail with all the green rolling hills that’ll be surrounding you in no time.

As I progressed on the trail more rolling hills revealed themselves, with the Magaliesberg towering in the distance. I passed many landmarks that were quite interesting. The likes of a inhabited cave, dolomite mines, not to mention all sort of trees, bugs and flowers – all the while gaining more and more elevation. At times shade was scarce, so be sure to carry some sunscreen and enough water – the route will leave you parched and sun baked.

The final stretch of the trail had a challenging ascent that tested my scrambling ability, as I was shuffling them feet a good deal to manoeuvre the trail, but once that was done it turned into comfortable stretched out descent that passed through a dried up river bed that reconnected me with the Hennops river. The last task completed for this hike was climbing into the little two-man cable car and pulling myself over the river. There’s an alternative method of crossing via stepping stones, but they were inaccessible due to the high water level.

To see a few more pictures of my journey at the Krokodilberg Route, watch the video below:

Hennops Management Contact Information

W: www.hennopstrails.co.za
E: info@hennops.co.za
C: +27 (0) 82 825 9205

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