The Quechua Forclaz 400L self inflating mattress is worth its weight in gold – that’s my opinion at least. While the mattress isn’t thick, it does offer a lot of comfort and great thermal insulation at a very affordable price.

With dimensions of 180cm x 52cm x 2.5cm, this sleeping pad is worth its weight of 950g. I’ve tested this mattress on various surfaces and it comes through with flying colors each and every time. From stony mountains to grassy riversides, I’ve had a good night’s rest all the way while keeping its air throughout the night.

It self inflates to about 80% and thereafter a few small breaths to fill it up to capacity is all you need. Even deflating it is a breeze and storage in the little stuff sack makes toting it around very easy. Wile it isn’t very pack friendly, the offset in pack size to comfort is well worth it. I’d rather sleep comfortably and pack a luxury item or two less.

It’s lightweight, fairly compact and durable – what more could you ask for!

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