I added this powerful little MSR stove to my pack for its efficiency and lightweight composition and it came as advertised. Regardless of weather or elevation the Pocket Rocket 2 performed every time.

I managed to boil a liter of water in less than 4 minutes, which made cooking a breeze and the time I spent salivating for my morning coffee pass in the blink of an eye.

Having used other backpacking stoves I was thoroughly impressed. The windshields kept the flame alive despite heavy winds and even with the flame set to maximum the fuel efficiency was much better than expected.

This powerful and efficient stove also comes with a carry case which doesn’t take much space in your pack, and will fit comfortably in your cooking system, depending on your setup. While ultralight hikers may opt to leave the carry case behind to save weight, I prefer to keep my business in order and the case makes it easier to ensure that the stove is folded and stored properly to minimize bent arms and other structural wear and tear.

Do keep in mind that certain fuel performs better than others, depending on climate, wind factor and elevation – as such I opted to use the MSR ISOPRO all season fuel blend.

While some may think its a marketing gimmick, you need to keep in mind that certain blends will perform better in certain environments/seasons. The key to gauging the efficiency of any gas-fuel is to have a look at its composition. ISOPRO is a blend of Propane and Isobutane – which makes it a top-shelf product.

Remember to recycle your empty fuel canisters!

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