The Zebra Route is ideal for a Sunday morning hike – a short 5km trail with elevation gain of 110m.

I reached the trailhead by crossing the Hennops river via cable car and taking a northwest heading – reaching a sign soon thereafter to indicate that I was on the right path. It’s a short hike with plenty of trees to give some protection from the harsh African sun.

Once passed, the trail began its gentle ascent and in some sections the trees and their shade were sparse. Most of the starting trail was covered with rocks of all sizes – so be sure to watch your step! I nearly lost my footing a few times, but luckily I didn’t. In the heat of the day this gentle ascent can leave you parched, panting and sweaty, so try an get there as early as you can manage. But regardless, it’s a short hike to the Hartebeespoort lookout and once I reached the trail marker, it turned into a easy descent back to the river.

After taking a look at the dam and surrounding town, nestled in the Magalies mountain range, I continue with a southward heading. Make sure that you follow the trail closely for the next hundred meters. There’s one little tricky spot where the actual trail veered to the right and another path continued straight. I learned that the hard way after ending up at a 4×4 track and no path ahead of me. After backtracking I managed to go down the right path and eventually I passed some ruins, named Muragie and De Oude Muragie, that was constructed from limestone and clay.

Sadly the final trail marker indicated the end of the trail is near, shortly before passing along the banks of the Hennops river once more toward the crossing point. However this time I crossed the river via the stepping stones – finally!

To see a few more pictures of my journey at the Zebra Route, watch the video below:

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